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Welcome to the Powermastery

An Outdoor/Indoor Community Classroom for Experiencing Life at a Holistic New Level

When was the last time you felt like you hit an an invisible wall? As these barriers keep you from soaring to your highest high or leave you feeling there is something missing from your life you discover material possessions or gains is not the answer in the long term. Allow me to share with you news of another springboard to increase your human potential, engage your vibration energy and foster a sense you can move proverbial mountains at the speed of thought.

Attending a Powermastery Institute Retreat, a guest who was torn between whether she had it in her to publish a book was something on her mind for years yet each year it was a fleeting thought. Her reasons for not starting were the typical excuses: not enough time, who would be interested, how could she compete against so many other books for sale with same focus, etc.  There are always multiple workshop faculty at each Retreat. They guide you, mentor you, encourage you and answer the questions that result in deep seated fears and procrastination. After some metaphorical exercises she had an ah ha moment, she found the courage to feel the fear and do it anyway. She has since written several books that sell on both Amazon, B&N and Borders.

Another guest had diet issues. Always two steps forward one step back, and then the proverbial return to sender. They gave up, but a friend gifted the Retreat to them. Through soul searching and identifying why they were sabotaging, along building a new circle of support with those he met he learned to install new habits to wellness, discipline, and a pathway to rid himself of his stinkin' thinking. Following the Retreat he as entered and completed multiple marathons, is no longer a diabetic risk, has lowered his cholesterol, and can walk up several staircases without being winded.. and has been happy to be able to go to beach and not have to wear a tee shirt.

1. Register for the Empowerment Retreat: https://powermasteryretreat.eventbrite.com

2. Are you're healer, coach, practitioner or vendor with a service or gifts that can help others, register to exhibit at the Festival: Registration for Festival Exhibitors & Healers

We are a living classroom and collaborative hub acting as a launch pad for individuals to realize their greatest heart felt potential. Part of our deliverables include activities in the outdoors connecting you with nature. Studies demonstrate that nature has incredible effects on your mental capability, reducing stress, and fostering health.

At Powermastery we provide hands-on expereinces for you to discover your purpose, unlock your calling, and unleash the wonder that is you to accomplish those things you didn't think possible while fostering the skills to embrace a life as great as the seven wonders. Retreats, worshops and festivals are hosted at various locations throughout the North America.

We create the space for you to become more successful, guide you to your highest human potential, guide you to an alignment with your spirit, and provide a safe space for you to soar, fearlessly. 

Register here:  https://powermasteryretreat.eventbrite.com.

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