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We are defined not by what we do, but by who we are.  The Powermastery Community provides you experiential tools, builds trusted networks and offers learning platforms for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

hands-on physical events and workshops to empower and launchpad immediate change while building a transformational springboard for life and business mastery.

In less than two minutes the decison you make can transform your life, your trajectory and your financial destiny. Powermastery is a decision for your future.


Powermastery Empowerment CommunityPowermastery is a platform for achieving results and outcomes quickly while enjoying the ride.  From business owners, those who want to start businesses, and those employed/unemployed seeking strategies and tools to secure and increase their income potential this is the proving ground where life makes a difference. 

The Powermastery completes your cycle in a holistic manner and helps you design life balance through the personal decisions you make, how you either master them or allow them to affect you, and trains you how to unlock your higher consciousness.

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Should I or Shouldn't I?You've been caught in tough situations in your past, between a rock and a hard place. Often your stressful situation leaves your stomach in knots, results in sweaty hands, and leaves you with apprehension which is further exasperated by indecision. The fear of whether the decision you make will be the right or wrong drives you crazy and incapable of making a decision until times up .. and you must make one. As an aside..  there is no right and wrong answer there are only better or not as good answers.

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Empowerment Retreat
There is a place between your deepest desures and te most perceivable needs.  It is where imagination and vision meet tangible necessity.
In Spring 2015 Powermastery's Empowerment Retreat meets Festival for Change. These ground breaking eventscreate clarity, breaktrhough, and momentum.  It offers pathways to master your destiny through live workshops, practicals and presentations.
Join top leaders and sages in empowerment, personal and business success and spirit, and holistic health in intimate session while interacting between sessions with respected leaders as you immediately learn, do and grow over the course of the weekend.
It is said "when the student is ready the teacher will appear".
Are you seeking meaning, are confronted with answers but instead have more questions, or feel a something missing in life, career, business or a relationship?  The empowerment retreat helps you unlock and define your inner strength, your unshakeable courage, and defines your confidence as Festival for Change addresses your mind, body and spirit through engaging the energetic as it becomes your vortex for higher consciousness.  Discover peace, transform and sculpt your health and connect to that force that brings you a sense of filfillment, oneness, and inner peace.
You begin your transformation during the weekend because over 80% of the sessions are hands-on immersive workshops. Why attend a seminar or program that promises you the sky if all you leave with is lots of education, sometimes just empty inspiration, and no shift in your outlook, demeanor nor approach.  Powermastery is tangible, it is more than etheral it is accountability, it is real and it is ground breaking for helping you create outcomes in your life.
Powermastery is a community of likeminded forward looking visionaries.  It is not a hype based cheering session, it is a platform for you to roll up your sleeves and get going.  It connects you with those who resonate with shared interests and offers you an intimate space for you to engage and get personal time with real time leaders and sages. The Retreat is a platform for change, it is a place for you to become fearless, it is a launch pad for your ascension to where you want to be not where others believe you should be.

Upcoming Powermastery Events

Next Powermastery Empowerment Retreat - May 1-3, 2015

Next Empowerment Retreat - May/June 2015

Because the Retreat involves you being hands-on in the workshops you begin building the foundation for your future, securing the answers to your challenges, and unlocking your greatest potential even before you graduate at the end of the weekend!  Unlock your human potential at Powermastery's 4th Annual Empowerment Retreat.


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How To Create An Emotional Bridge

Creating Emotional Bridges

How great would it feel to know you could bring people to their feet for a presentation you deliver?
Imagine having a story so powerful it brings tears to those who you share it with.  

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Next Experiential Event

Nestled within Bear Mountain, approximately one hour from NYC, resides an impressive ridge - West Mountain. As part of our day hike along the ridge and into the woods we will visit a hamlet  dating back to 1763 - Doodletown ruins.

This area is a historic collective of foundations and history representing the remains of a haunting reminder of a hamlet populated before World War I.

West Mountain ShelterDATE: Saturday, June 21 (Summer Begins)
TIME: 9:30 am
DISTANCE: 7-8 miles
PACE: Casual and steady
EXPERIENCE: Anyone who can hike 8 miles; dogs subject to park rules.
FEE: None


REGISTRATION REQUIRED:  http://westmountain.eventbrite.com

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