Powermastery Empowerment CommunityThe Powermastery empowerment community consists of those who like yourself believe in striking a balance in life and work while creating a tangible futurescape for you, your loved ones and those you support.  The Powermastery Institute achieves holistic results and life balance through the personal decisions you make, how you either master them or allow them to affect you, and how to unlock your higher consciousness. 

Through live physical events hosted by Powermastery, Festival for Change, and New Business Frontiers (collectively for convenience referred to as "Powermastery"), and produced by Carson Worldwide, you now have no excuses for failure, with the powerful tools and resources that are provided to you through our experiential event fulcrum where the rubber meets the road and accountability begins the moment you step into our event(s).

You are an amalgam of the five people you spend most of your time with.  Do you find yourself indulged in the banter of unproductive complainers, whiners or energy vampires? Think about where your focus is when relegated to this negative environment.  In drive school you learn when you go into a skid to look in the direction you want your vehicle to go, not where the wet ground is taking you. It is the same with empowering your life if you want to get the most out of it. If you play chess, tennis, or even enjoy cooking you want to learn and/or compete against those who you greater than yourself.

Powermastery is an empowerment community of passionately connected life designers, those involved in empowering human potential and increasing the results in their lives while supporting the visions of others.

There is no fee, cost nor obligation to be a member of the Powermastery community although we have some standards such as to be of service to others within the community FIRST, rather be self serving and negative.  

The community is built on integrity, community, and service while seeking to limit negativity and the presence of toxic individuals.  23 scientific studies proved group support helps attract, achieve and create miracles. 

Currently the Powermastery, and Festival for Change, retreats are in and around the NYC, with adventure and cultural travel international with Powermastery and New Business Frontiers

*Complete the the request to subscribe with just your full name and email (we NEVER share your email) when the Pop Up box comes up. You will directly receive once to twice a month EXCLUSIVE email communications on special gatherings and outings, incredible finds, announcements and Powermastery events and outings. 

We together move beyond aloneness to oneness. From desparate to connected with spirit, and from humdrum to outcome. We are Powermastery.


Upcoming Powermastery Events

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