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HOT NEWS!  Sign-up for our Adventure Travel to Colorado and Utah!!!  Hiking, White Water Rafting and Touring Ancient Cliff Dwellings of the Anasazi Indian Tribe. July 2015. Trip Prospectus at Dropboxhttp://bit.ly/ColoradoUtahV2; AND YouTube trip video:  http://youtu.be/X0BmeuJlr_I.

Powermastery is a living institute and community driven platform for tapping and growing your human potential, aligning your spirit with your destiny, and creating a better space for you holistic life.

We help you identify and uncover the missing piece of the puzzle. We empower individuals, help uncover purpose and meaning in one's life, create an energetic pathway to tangible results, and stimulate "Ah ha" breakthroughs. We can't guarantee you would have the same results others have experienced, but how would you know unless you tried?

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Spiritual and Holistic Health Retreat Trailer from 2013


Transform Your Spirit and Fill Your Soul With Adventure


Adventure Empowerment Trip Video for Colorado Utah - July 2015



Margaret Irving Margaret Irving, Owner, Energy Rocket Enterprises

I've had the honor and privilege of working directly with Carson and experienced the skill and high level of standard that he engages when executing an event. He pays attention to every detail, anticipating needs, communicating on a consistent basis, providing updates as needed, and ensuring needs were met. Additionally, his skills go beyond what I have experienced, and I am looking forward to working with Carson in the future. Truly an amazing and outstanding professional, leader and visionary.


 Al DiazAl Diaz, Founder & Guide, ilumine Ao.

I was blessed to have been involved with Festival For Change! that Carson Tang produced. What a phenomenal event! The inspiration given and received was amazing...plus the logistical and organizational skills to pull it off by Carson Tang was phenomenal.


Stephanie GirouxStephanie Giroux, President, Global Change Management & Organizational Alignment

I want to recognize Carson's involvement in the holistic empowerment of people through experiential events, helping along the way; the business, professional, personal and spiritual aspects of their lives.  I've traveled from Montreal-Canada to New York to attend his events each year since 2008 and have invited more than a dozen people. Carson makes a difference in our lives by unifying high quality like minded people and while providing us unique programs, moments & locations where we can literally breathe and experience new concepts. Thank you Carson for your great involvement in the evolution of consciousness. I can't wait to attend your next experiential event!


Larry GoodmanLarry Goodman, President, Goodman Motors

 I meet Carson several years ago. A month later I received an e-mail that he was hosting a 2-3 hour boat trip around lower Manhattan. First of all this was not a boat but a ship that held several hundred. The price for the day was what a dinner for two in NYC would cost. Food was served as part of the cost and it was quite a day. I knew then that Carson produced quality results. Last summer i attended his Empowerment retreat located about an hours drive north of New York City...I plan on being there again this spring and i would suggest that you do the same. Connection and value...


Mentors and Faculty - Past and Present

Jairek RobbinsFran CapoKaren Garvey

Croix Sather

Donna DrakeJerry AlloccaScott Letourneau


Jess TodtfeldJoe Nunziata

Nik HalikStu MittlemanJoe Kasper


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Land of Endless Adventures

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Incredible vistas and majestic views with unforgettable day hikes, thrilling white water rafting, a visit to ancient Native Indian cliff dwellings, and more!

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